Afro Starter Hair Care Unit

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The Earthly Q Starter Hair Care unit includes three travel sized products that allow you to clean, moisturise, and seal in moisture in your hair.


Availability: 6 in stock (can be backordered)


The Earthly Q – Hair Wash is intended for scalp cleansing and pH balancing and is not to be used as a substitute for your regular shampoo but in conjunction with your regular shampoo. It is created to ensure a clean healthy scalp that is conducive to hair growth, and supplement your normal cleansing process.

The Earthly Q – Moisturizer is water based with a of vegetable, seed, and essential oils, and active ingredients that to dispense the oil blend in the water. The combination of water and oil soften and hydrate the strands without leaving them greasy and improves the slippage between strands and reduce breakage. Continued use of the Moisturizer improves hair growth and growth retention.

The Hair Butter is made with oils that promote hair growth, growth retention, and strengthen the hair strand. The Earthly Q Hair Food is raw beeswax and shea butter based with a blend of seed and vegetable oils, and essential oils that help improve the health of your hair. The hair food can help condition roots of hair during pre-pooing. It can be used as a pre-pooing oil for your hair, as a moisture sealant, or as a conditioning oil for your hair.


1x 100 ml Earthly Q Cleanser

1 x 100 ml Moisturiser

1 x 100ml Hair Butter


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