Radiant Summer Skin in Three Simple Steps

Summer is a time for outdoor adventures and sun-soaked escapades, sundowners, and sports events (Yay for the Bafana Bafana win against Namibia over the weekend)! We love a sun-soaked escapade as much as the next person. But we also think it’s essential to keep your skin healthy and protected from the harsh effects of the sun!

In this blog post, we look at a simple – yet effective, three-step routine to maintain radiant skin all summer long! How do you start and maintain a simple but effective skin care routine?

  1. Gentle cleansing twice a day,
  2. Moisturising after every wash, and
  3. Daily sun protection

We’re not saying that this is the end all and be all of what can go into a healthy and effective skin care routine, but it’s pretty much what you need to get started. Here’s how to go about it.

Gentle cleansing twice a day

Whether you go bare face (yes, that’s a term these days), use a bit a foundation or get your face beat to perfection, washing your face at the beginning and end of each day is critical!

The foundation for radiant skin is a regular habit of washing your skin with products that are suitable for your skin type. Washing your skin ensures that when you’re applying your moisturiser, it’s not absorbing a layer of dirt with it. It does not matter how complicated your skincare routine is or how expensive your make-up is, the foundation of any skincare routine is not slacking when it comes to washing your face daily, in fact, twice a day.

We recommend washing your face in the mornings and in the evenings. Why? You may not see it, but the dust and impurities floating around in the air accumulate on your skin throughout the day. Washing it off at the end of the day ensures you don’t transfer all of this dirt/pollution onto your pillows and sheets when you go to bed. Longer periods between washes, especially on your face, also give your skin more time to absorb the pollution. Which is a no!

While you’re sleeping you’re probably sweating and drooling, and you should wash off before you take off to mingle with friends and family. Even IF you don’t sweat or drool, just because YOU are sleeping doesn’t mean that dust and pollution also go to sleep. Just because you don’t see it or smell it doesn’t mean it is not there. Sweat, oil, dead skin cells, and environmental pollutants can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Choose a mild, hydrating cleanser that suits your skin type, whether it’s oily, dry, or combination. Use it twice a day to remove most of these pollutants that build up on your skin.

But that’s not all, washing twice a day without moisturising can leave your skin feeling really dry and maybe even itchy.

Hydration is the key to radiant skin

Avoid using harsh cleansers that can strip your skin of its natural oils, as this may lead to over- or underproduction of sebum, causing more skin issues. Layering your skin with a bunch or oils in the summer heat is a bad idea. It can have you in rivers of sweat in places where there shouldn’t be sweat, or with an odor to boot.

Hydration is a crucial step in your skincare routine. Opt for a lightweight moisturiser or oil that absorbs easily into the skin and keeps it hydrated without clogging your pores. Look for ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera, grape seed oil, or nut oils (if you are not allergic) which provide intense hydration without leaving behind a greasy feel.

Apply your moisturiser both in the morning and evening, after your wash (obviously this goes without saying), to maintain optimal skin hydration levels. Keeping your skin well-hydrated not only helps to maintain its radiance but also creates a barrier against environmental stressors. If you add sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more, you should be glowing in no time!

Daily protection from sun damage

The sun’s rays can be both invigorating and damaging to the skin. Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays can make or break your journey to maintaining radiant skin and preventing long-term damage such as premature ageing and skin cancer. Incorporate a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 into your daily routine to get ahead of the sun damage and get your glow on.

It’s important to apply sunscreen on your face, but all the exposed areas of your body should also have sunscreen applied. Apply sunscreen to all exposed skin, even on cloudy days, and reapply if you’re swimming. Just like pollution, we can’t see UV rays, we can’t even see the sun on a cloudy day, but it does not mean the UV rays (or the sun) are not there.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen often overlooked areas such as the neck, ears, and the back of your hands

Recommendations from the cosmetic creator

I have found that the cleansers from Neutrogena are mild and work well for most skin types. I use an exfoliator in summer and a non-exfoliating cleanser in winter. I’ve also used the Clicks Rooibos range and I’m not mad at it all, it smells nice too…

I use the Earthly Q Vitamin E serum as a moisturiser all year round on my face and I use a generic cream (that I add oils to) on the rest of my body. The only difference with the serum is the quantity that I apply during warm seasons and cold seasons.

Whether it is summer or winter, I couple the serum with the SPF 50 TechniBlock sunscreen after my morning wash. I always skip the sunscreen in the evening and I only use the serum, this is so that I can give my skin time to breathe and repair.

Personally, I think #BlackDontCrack (IF black is moisturised and protected from sun damage 😉🤒). If you don’t believe me, don’t moisturise your heels for a month and let me know how it goes😅.

Achieving and maintaining radiant skin throughout the summer doesn’t have to be a complex process or a serious shandish. By following this simple three-step routine of cleansing, moisturising, and protecting your skin from sun damage, you can bask in the season’s warmth while keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

Finally, remember that consistency is key! Make this routine a daily habit to start enjoying radiant summer skin. Your skin will thank you for the extra care and attention, leaving you with a confident summer glow.


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